Flexible, Adaptable, Maintainable

Integrating with the NaviNet Open platform means more than just purchasing an out-of-the-box solution. It means gaining a strategic partner in NantHealth and receiving long-term product guidance, maintenance, and updates. It all starts before the initial implementation.

90 Days

The approximate amount of time it takes to get you up and running on NaviNet Open.

Take a Walk Through the NaviNet Open Implementation Process

1. Communication

Your payer organization sends NantHealth information about your entire provider network, and which medical offices are going to interact with you through the NaviNet Open platform. Then, NantHealth works alongside you to exchange specifications and begin testing.

2. Implementation

NantHealth sets up your payer organization’s presence on providers’ portals—complete with your branding. NaviNet Open adheres to industry-standard (HIPAA X12) messaging for most workflows, but still allows your organization flexibility to adapt—and even go beyond—the standards. By giving you the freedom to adjust for the nuances in your health plans from the moment you activate your presence on NaviNet, you empower providers with greater plan specificity.

3. Activation

NaviNet’s national multi-payer network means any provider in your network that is already registered on NaviNet will have immediate access to your workflows. Our teams will work together to plan outreach campaigns, maximizing day-one adoption by registering the rest of your network.

4. Utilization

After the initial activation phase is rolled out, payers and providers can fully utilize—and interact through—the multi-payer portal. One of the first things NantHealth will report to payers is how much of their provider network is already live on NaviNet. To maximize the value and ROI of NaviNet, you’ll want to add as much of your network as possible to the platform – and NantHealth takes on the task of recruiting them for you.

5. Additions

Following the first phase of implementation, both payer and provider organizations will be given the option to add on additional applications. There are close to a dozen NaviNet Open applications that can be integrated with the base system, plus the ability to single sign onto other third-party web applications you’ve invested in—making NaviNet a one-stop-shop for your online provider engagement. Organizations can choose the order and pace of implementation based on their business objectives, budgets, and long-term goals. NantHealth continues to manage the deployment and adoption of each one as they are added.

6. Growth

NaviNet Open continues to adapt to company growth over time, seamlessly accommodating a growing payer-provider network. Rather than require re-implementation for expanded business, the platform dynamically adjusts. Changes are continually monitored and maintained by NantHealth.

Integrate Customizable Content

NaviNet Open leverages existing technology on both the payer and provider sides, centralizing and streamlining communication and information exchange. NaviNet Open facilitates the adoption of third-party applications and allows for the creation of custom content to augment standards-based workflows. Payer data is presented in an accurate and consistent way that provides clarity for providers – not only centralizing data for them, but ensuring its value and trustworthiness, and that it is interpreted in the way originally intended by the health plan.

Receive Continued Guidance

With 20 years of experience implementing workflows for payers of various sizes and ownership, we maintain a wealth of knowledge about how to maintain ongoing success with our NaviNet products. Part of the continued guidance that follows implementation, includes advising all NaviNet Open partners on best practices to get the most out of the platform, helping to enhance your EDI, maximizing information to providers, and achieving long-term goals.

Membership Verification and Coverage Information Made Easy

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Data Sheet

NaviNet® Open Eligibility and Benefits

The inability to communicate complex, multi-tiered plan benefit design information to provider offices is a key reason health plans experience high call volume. As value-based reimbursement evolves, health plans and providers must work closely together to align their cost and quality objectives as providers take on increasing risk.

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