Powering High-Quality, High-Value Cancer Care

In healthcare, what’s most important is supporting the wellbeing of patients. NantHealth is committed to aligning the needs of payers and providers in pursuit of that goal—and Eviti® is helping lead the way.

Eviti® is an oncology clinical decision support and treatment validation platform that brings together providers and payers in the care of patients with cancer. By offering clinicians access to evidence-based treatment options through Eviti® Advisor and streamlining the payer authorization process with Eviti® Connect, all parties are assured patients are consistently receiving high-quality, evidence-based care.

Providers are armed with evidence that their treatments are effective—and covered by payers. Payers have a clear picture of the cost and quality of treatment. Patients, the ultimate benefactors, receive care that is in the best interest of their health.

Powering both is the Eviti® Evidence-based Medical Library —a leading, comprehensive compendium of up to date, fact-checked, cancer regimens for all cancer types.

Putting Proven Cancer Research Into Action

Uniting Providers and Payers for Optimal Outcomes

For providers, delivering top-of-the-line care means keeping up with a complex, ever-growing body of cancer care research that is changing daily. The amount of considerations that go into developing a care plan for a single patient far exceeds the human cognitive capacity.

To help, Eviti® makes a vast amount of cancer care information accessible and actionable in the form of evidence-based potential treatment options, right at the point of care. Quality is paramount: the information is independently fact-checked, reviewed and verified. It’s also kept meticulously up to date.

With Eviti® at their disposal, oncologists have an immensely valuable decision-making tool at their fingertips.

Eviti® Advisor

For clinicians, Eviti Advisor grants access to Eviti’s vast evidence-based treatment library, providing thorough details on the effectiveness, side effects, and cost of potential cancer treatments.

Identify Optimal Cancer Treatments

Armed with comprehensive information, oncologists can recommend treatments that maximize outcomes and minimize waste.

  • Non-biased treatment options support value-based decision making.
  • Start with the right treatment and minimize unnecessary and costly additional care.
  • Transparent reimbursement expectations before treatment begins

Eviti® Connect

Payers, seeking a clearer view into treatment validity, turn to Eviti Connect. Focused on high-quality, high-value care, the platform offers insight payers need to make reimbursement decisions.

Maximize the Value of Care

Encourage the most effective treatments.

  • Pre-authorize treatments – Pre-approve evidence-based therapies and minimize treatment delays.
  • Prioritize payer-preferred therapies – Easily emphasize the most cost-effective, value-based therapies for your provider network.

Deliver on Value-Based Care

Population Health Management enables better workflow between providers, payers, hospitals/healthcare networks and patients.

  • Increase provider transparency – Payers can reduce risk while better aligning with providers, making sure patients get the right care at the right time.
  • Streamline engagement – Actively engage patients and assign care managers to increase patient responsiveness and wellness.
  • Inform referrals – Automate communications to permit referrals to high quality providers in your network to help reduce network leakage.