The VCX app enables clinicians to collect volumes of observable patient data not associated with medical devices, including up to 54 custom vitals or assessments.

Usable on its own or with a medical device integration solution, VCX puts clinicians in charge of the vitals collection process. The app has a multitude of features designed for ease of use, like the VCX admin portal, an archive of sent messages, and built-in help and troubleshooting support. The VCX app provides a mobile, modern view into data collected, making workflows faster and easier with maximum automation—and zero manual transcription.

1 Hour Saved

In one hospital using VCX, clinicians saved one hour per day by expediting the rounding process—time savings that can translate to over $4,000 per day.1

Put Control Back in Clinicians’ Hands

VCX Empowers Clinicians With the Freedom to Focus on Patients

VCX pulls data directly from connected devices. Clinicians can access vital patient information from a tablet, without ever logging into their EMR. This increases productivity and allows them to focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks.

It Supports a Wide Variety of Workflows and Devices

VCX is built to seamlessly fit into any rounding and assessment workflow and devices. Hospitals and healthcare organizations can choose which patient-specific devices to map data from, and embed other important health indicators like a pain score or pain location. All clinicians need is a tablet equipped with the VCX app to access a highly specific vitals collection experience that mirrors their clinical workflow.

How VCX Benefits Caregivers

Improve Face-to-Face Care

The one-click vitals retrieval via the touch-friendly tablet user interface enables a clinician to instantly view the latest data from paired devices—and understand their patient’s health more quickly.

Manage How Data is Stored

Clinicians can opt for manual entry—and override parameter values in order to confirm device readings. They can also enter readings not supported by a medical device, as well as configurable parameters to customize input fields.

Assess Symptoms Accurately

VCX contains built-in pain scales, both as a visual reference and to show where a patient’s symptoms fall on a spectrum.

Set Custom Parameters

Configurable parameters give clinicians the ability to customize the input fields via touch-friendly tiles in the VCX interface. For instance, a clinician can specify that blood pressure data was collected from the right arm while the patient was lying down.

Maintain Quality Control

VCX lets you track and audit clinicians, thanks to a unique User ID that’s tied to data submission and messages. This helps healthcare organizations systematically review care and improve over time.

Pair With Current Devices

VCX network enables your existing vitals collection devices so you can maximize your existing hardware. No costly device overhauls are needed.

VCX Product Specifications

VCX was developed with special consideration for the scenarios clinicians face—and to remain compliant with all regulatory guidelines.

  • Customizable outbound mapping allows you to specify how VCX parameters will appear in the outbound HL7 message.
  • User interface tiles can be configured to collect device data—or directly entered/selected data—based on workflow requirements.
  • The app defaults to offline mode when the network connection is interrupted—making data and messages accessible when Wi-Fi is restored.
  • There’s no proprietary touch device needed—VCX works on most off-the-shelf Windows-based tablets that meet system requirements.

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DCX™ Medical Device Integration (MDI) and VCX™ Tablet-based Rounding and Assessment

Device Connectivity enables streamlined clinical documentation by automating the collection and storage of patient vitals and other medical device data into the EHR or other clinical information system. Device Connectivity enables streamlined clinical documentation by automating the collection and storage of patient vitals and other medical device data into the EHR or other clinical information system.

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