Improve the Efficiency of Care

DCX is a data capture and device connectivity platform that’s easy to implement, even easier to use, and consistently reduces the costs of clinician time. It brings all medical devices together across every location where care is provided, from a home health setting to the hospital.

Its sister application, VCX, is a rounding and assessment workflow accelerator that improves the speed at which a clinician can capture a snapshot of patient health. Accessible from a touch-based tablet, the VCX app makes it easier for clinicians to move from room to room and maximize their time at the care site.

Purchase, Implement, and Maintain at Low Costs

Connected Care was designed with a simple device integration goal in mind: maximize the return on investment; minimize associated hardware and implementation costs. NantHealth’s dedicated customer team provides full support. We assess your workflow, help you implement, and continue to guide and shape your use of Connected Care. The additional associated costs are small, but the savings are substantial.

  • DCX and VCX work with your existing devices, so there’s no need to invest in costly equipment.
  • VCX installs directly to any Windows-based tablet to then integrate into your workstation-on-wheels.
  • Connected Care Sentry and Shuttle hardware packages cost far less than a new device, but supply all of the power to bring your devices up to speed.
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Case Study

How One Medical Center Saved with Connected Care

View the case study to learn just how much of an impact Connected Care can have across an entire hospital.

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