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NantHealth Precision Insights

Oncologists use all the information available to make the best decisions for their patients. And yet, response rates for most cancer therapies remain low, with only 25% of cancer patients benefiting from the offered drug.

What if you could know more about each patient’s tumor? Could you drive up that 25%, and give your patients better outcomes?

When faced with a difficult treatment decision, NantHealth offers a comprehensive set of molecular profiling and decision support solutions that equip oncologists with actionable insights to inform evidence-based and personalized treatment strategies.

NantHealth Precision Insights includes the following:

  • GPS Cancer — a precise and comprehensive tissue-based molecular profile, integrating tumor-normal sequencing of DNA with RNA expression.
  • Liquid GPS — a 26-analyte blood-based molecular test for noninvasive tumor profiling and quantitative monitoring of treatment response.
  • Precision Insights Portal — a web-based application for molecular test ordering and results, and the only solution available to blend guidelines-based regimen information powered by Eviti with personalized insights from GPS Cancer, providing oncologists an integrated view of treatment options informed by both standard of care and patient-specific molecular insights.

If you would like more information or assistance with the ordering process, please contact the GPS Care Center at 1-844-MY-OMICS or email us at