Patient & Provider Engagement

With a growing, aging, and increasingly chronically ill population placing ever-increasing demands on the U.S. healthcare system, the way in which services are delivered must change in order to adapt to modern paradigms of patient care.

Transformation is not easy, but it necessary as existing models of care and current pathways are coming under increasing pressure to adapt to new care models such as value-based care and to rapidly adopted health technology such as wireless fitness trackers and medication adherence tools.

Patients are also inundated with a large volume of unorganized clinical results. A chronic patient must often interact with many patient portals tethered to individual EMRs and Insurance plans.

NantHealth has the vision and the solutions to bring together systems and pathways to provide a truly transformative platform for healthcare delivery.

Provider Portal

NantHealth’s Provider Portal presents a unified view of patient clinical data from multiple systems to providers across the continuum of care.  Through this presentation of patient clinical data, your providers gain a comprehensive, longitudinal view which results in more informed care and potentially more effective treatments.

Provides More Data to Improve Patient Care

Provider Portal allows physicians to access a comprehensive, longitudinal view of the community patient record in a single click which, in turn, leads to more informed care decisions and potentially more effective, timely treatments.

Drives Clinical Efficiency

Clinicians access information organized the way they want it. Clinical record views can be customized for specific disease states, decision-making, and patient care needs. Because the Provider Portal is a full community view, the clinician sees the whole set of data, not just the data available in a single EMR.

Increases Clinical Satisfaction

The right information, delivered in a comprehensive and concise way, improves the working life of clinicians by giving them more time to provide care and make decisions, not spend time switching between systems to get the information they need.

Health Notebook

NantHealth’s Health Notebook is a doorway into a whole new world of self-service care by connecting patients with their providers and their health records.  For your patients, this results in improved satisfaction and greater motivation to participate in their own care.  For your providers, this becomes a competitive differentiator that reduces operational costs and provides greater access to patient data by expanding the care delivery team beyond a single EMR.

Gives Patients the Ability to Participate in Their Own Care

Fully engage patients in managing their own care and conditions in a true relationship between patient and clinician. Patients can see their records, view and follow their care plan assignments, complete forms and quizzes, and access the right advice for their wellbeing whether accessing from a PC, tablet, or mobile device. Health Notebook lays the foundation for patients to take greater control of their care.

Connects to Wireless and Remote Devices

Health Notebook connects with a wide range of wearable and remote devices such as: activity trackers, home health monitors, medication tracking, and more. Connecting these devices delivers a complete view of patient health to the patient as well as to their clinician.

Patients are Incentivized and Rewarded to Participate

Provides motivation by offering incentives for positive lifestyle behaviors such as: meeting health goals, complying with medication adherence, or learning more about conditions affecting their health. Gamification can change the way patients think about taking an active role in managing their health.

Gateway to advanced precision care

Health Notebook is the patient’s gateway to their precision care plan. Patient’s may view and interact with their GPS Cancer care reports. The precision care plan activities are communicated to the patient through Health Notebook. A patient may see their ongoing progress against the precision care plan and collaborate with their complete care team through a single patient portal.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination from NantHealth changes the game by giving you the tools to provide a channel shift in service provision to meet increasing demand from static or reducing resources while instituting positive lifestyle changes for your patients regardless of their current health status.

Manage Patients Differently

Care Coordination gives staff the same comprehensive view of the patient as the Provider Portal but is structured around the care plan associated with their condition(s). In addition to structured care plans, Care Coordination provides scripted and “free” sessions for Health Coaches, Nurse Navigators, Care Coordinators, and Care Teams so that, with the aid of this technology, care can be delivered at a much lower cost.

Define and Manage Care Plans within Community of Care

Choose from a library of defined care plans, create your own, or use a mixture. Care Coordination allows you to enroll patients onto the right care plan quickly and easily. Each care plan links to the Health Notebook, their rewards and goals, and it joins the clinician and patient on a shared journey. Care Plans also contain a library of e-forms, quizzes, advice, information, and web content delivered to the patient through Health Notebook.

Dramatically Lower the Cost of Interactions

The cost of a face-to-face interaction is high, not to mention the staff and time required to deliver these interventions is shrinking. Delivering, where appropriate, the same interactions via Care Coordination can be a fraction of the cost, plus the same number of staff can manage many more patients. This has an added benefit of increasing capacity which frees up more time to care for patients using traditional methods.

Manage All Phases of care in one Comprehensive Plan of Care

Care Coordination can manage all forms of care planning including: inpatient care planning, transition of care, urgent care triage, managed care, chronic care, palliative care, and wellness. All care givers have access to the care coordination solution and can track progress across all care venues.

Referral Management

With Referral Management from NantHealth, you can improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes by identifying network leakage, maximizing service line utilization, and tracking each referral from origination to completion.  By closing the patient information loop and enabling physician collaboration, patient care quality and safety improves along with your ability to manage increased referral volume.

  • Reduce Costs Through Increased Efficiency
    Referral Management improves workflow efficiency and reduces costs by eliminating paperwork, redundant data entry, and unnecessary phone calls.  While transforming referrals into a truly closed-loop process, this solution delivers a streamlined, patient-centric approach that allows care teams to track the referral workflow from start to finish among diverse healthcare entities.
  • Improve Outcomes from Better Coordination
    The ability for care teams to exchange critical referral information about a patient’s condition in real-time greatly enhances the coordination of care.  Having all relevant data available at the point of care facilitates the timely exchange of details that elevate patient care, continuity, quality, and safety.
  • Optimizes Revenue Potential Through Business Insights
    Reports produce performance metrics and analytics that illustrate referral patterns, including network leakage and service line utilization by referral source. Comprehensive, detailed practice and patient-level information provide the opportunity to optimize business performance and care quality.

Secure Messaging

NantHealth’s Secure Messaging enables secure care team communication through Direct messaging which liberates your providers from inconvenient, insecure, and impractical options such as fax, post, and insecure email.

  • Enables Informed Decision-Making Through Improved Care Team Collaboration
    By Equipping clinicians with a familiar, easy-to-use set of communication tools, Secure Messaging simplifies collaboration among the care team and enables informed clinical decision-making and timely treatment.
  • Saves Time and Boosts Efficiency
    Secure Messaging enables highly efficient sharing of protected patient information – including clinical attachments, images, and patient health records.  Providers are no longer limited to communicating within the confines of their own EHR or through slow and primitive forms of insecure communication.
  • Enhances Security Compared to Other Solutions
    As a member of the DirectTrust network, Secure Messaging uses Direct Project protocol – the transmission standard developed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) for secure electronic exchange of protected health information.  With this technology, insecure email, complicated encryption tools, and slow fax/mail solutions are a thing of the past.

Health Heritage

Health Heritage is a patient-facing web-based application designed to empower users to collect, maintain and share their detailed personal and family medical histories. This information is used to identify individuals at risk for seven common cancers and their related hereditary cancer syndromes. The application also provides evidence-based recommendations for users to discuss with their providers, based on industry guidelines and other evidence-based literature. Health Heritage risk reports and data may be shared directly with primary care providers, genetic counselors, specialists, and payors to provide decision support, enhance workflows, and personalize care.

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GPS Cancer Connect

GPS Cancer Connect is a digital companion that connects patients to personalized & validated knowledge, available treatments, clinical trials, family members, other cancer patients, and to care providers. Accessible through an iPhone app, GPS Cancer Connect empowers patients, their family, and friends with certified, updated and user-friendly information to allow for identification of evidence-based treatment options specific to their diagnosis, as well as provides clinical trial opportunities based on diagnosis and location of cancer patients. In addition, the application connects patients with family and friends seamlessly and enables sharing of learning and best practices within the great cancer care community.

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For sales, support and more information:

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