Oncology Suite

The NantHealth Oncology Suite combines a complete set of software solutions with NantHealth’s GPS Cancer profile. The GPS Cancer profile is the most comprehensive combination of tests available, analyzing all DNA, RNA and specific proteins in the patient’s tumor to identify the unique drivers of an individual’s cancer to inform the doctor’s treatment decisions. Our solution moves cancer care delivery into the new age by combining decision support, coordination of patient care, collaboration with payors and advanced clinical learnings and outcomes.

Molecular Profiling and Decision Support

NantHealth’s treatment intelligence capability provides information to oncologists on individualized treatment options, including standard of care, off label drugs and available clinical trials. These solutions are supported by our team of oncologists who are experts in interpreting genomics and proteomics tests results and providing guidance on the treatment options. The Decision Support package includes the following solutions:

GPS Insights– Inform personalized treatment options through comprehensive molecular profiling

eviti Advisor – Find an independent digital library of evidence-based treatment options and clinical trials for all cancers and cancer subtypes

Trial Match– Match patients to clinical trials with inclusions, exclusions and biomarkers

Clinical Trial Management System– Accelerate Clinical Trial Information Exchange, increase safety, reduce cost, improve quality and integrate device data for precision trials

Molecular Tumor Board– Consult, discuss and engage online with GPS experts on clinical interpretation and use

Care Coordination

Cancer care outcomes are optimized when a range of activities are optimized often involving unrelated providers and ensuring patient engagement in following their treatment protocol. NantHealth provides tools and services to coordinate care at the individual level while also measuring results at the population level. The Care Coordination package includes the following solutions:

Guided Care– Connect and engage your patients using home health devices and information sharing technology

Urgent Care– Find treatment pathways to coordinate care in an urgent care setting

Population Stratification– Identify patients most likely to benefit from interventions based on predictive models

Health Notebook– Improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes by engaging patients in their own care

Clinical Learnings and Outcomes

To improve and provide new insights on cancer care delivery, our Outcomes solutions provide real-time clinical learning. NantHealth normalizes and aggregates demographic, clinical, genomics, proteomics, cost, and patient-reported outcomes data with standardized vocabularies to enable large-scale analytics and advanced machine learning. Available patient-level predictive models go beyond average effects and deliver individualized insight for a patient that can inform real-time treatment. The Clinical Learnings and Outcomes package includes the following solutions:

Value Monitor– Monitor quality measures that translate to better patient outcomes and reimbursement for value or episode based plans

Outcomes Analytics– Identify opportunities through large-scale analytics for clinical characterization, patient-level prediction and population-level effect estimation

Patient Reported Outcomes– Enrich understanding of patient conditions, key symptoms and treatment progress to optimize care and outcomes

Payor Engagement

To increase collaboration between oncologists and payors, our payor engagement solutions deliver tools for streamlined communication and value-based reimbursement strategies including eligibility and benefit checks, claim status inquiries, exchanging of clinical documentation, plus many more.

NaviNet Open– Communicate better— and for free—with more than 40 payors through integrated reimbursement-related and clinical workflows

All-Payor Access– Extend service to include Eligibility and Benefits from Medicare and 750+ health plans and Claim Status for more than 250 plans

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