While it is not befitting for us to dignify false reporting or be distracted by false claims, both an online health trade publication and an online political publication, published articles containing numerous inaccuracies. Letters we wrote to these publications, pointing out those inaccuracies, are posted on NantHealth’s website. As just one example:

The reporter stated, that NantWorks purchased the Jefferson property from the foundation for $6 million. That statement is false. What is worse, the reporter had the facts before he published the article, that NantWorks in fact paid $15.5M. Yet he published a false statement of apparent self-dealing by NantWorks by stating a fabricated amount of $6M.

The written statement the reporter sent to Dr. Soon-Shiong in his interview before the story published demonstrated this fact. He wrote: “According to our review of your form 990s, the NantHealth Foundation sold nearly $15.5 million in assets to NantWorks, LLC,” which clearly demonstrates that he knew he was publishing a false number. Thus, the reporter was well aware and understood the false and defamatory implication of what he wrote.

The reporter’s assertion that NantWorks paid $6M is also belied as can be seen in the foundations publicly viewable tax returns. The foundation sold the 9920 Jefferson property in May, 2012 to NantWorks for $15,450,000. The price was based on two appraisals, which came in within 99% of each other, by unaffiliated and well-regarded real estate appraisal firms. Upon advice of counsel, the disinterested foundation directors decided to sell the real estate to NantWorks, at the median price between the two appraisals. Dr. Soon-Shiong did not participate in the directors’ decision. Rather, he disclosed his conflict to the foundation’s board and recused himself from the meeting before the vote.

We demanded a retraction and correction but so far, the editors declined.

Patrick Soon-Shiong MD, FRCS(C), FACS
Chairman and CEO