Clinical Learning

Transform the wealth of data across your enterprise into meaningful, actionable insights

NantHealth’s clinical learning solutions leverage NantOS™ and underlying data to measure and monitor key provider performance metrics to drive continuous improvement initiatives.  These solutions support business intelligence visualization in the areas of medical operations, quality, patient safety and finance, and include:


FusionIQ is a business intelligence solution for enterprise data management, including performance dashboards and bench marking analysis that integrates clinical, financial and operational metrics and data models. Benchmarking analytics include executive and physician-oriented tools that measure key performance indicators against a comparative database of metrics from approximately 40 healthcare organizations. In addition, our strategic dashboards and reporting capabilities can provide insight generation via configurable self-service analytics.

Outcomes Analytics

Outcomes Analytics is a set of applications that allow payors and providers to perform comparative effectiveness studies. The NantOS infrastructure provides multiple levels of outcomes data starting with structured and standardized models to unstructured, schema-on-read models that can ingest large volumes and varieties of data. Outcomes Analytics is then used to create cohorts and design research studies using the study designer.

Value Monitor

Value Monitor allows measurement and monitoring of providers with respect to resource usage, procedure usage, efficiency, cost, and customer satisfaction as compared to their peer group.

Patient Engagement Services

Through our remote “mission control” patient engagement center, our team of clinicians develops clinical care plans for certain high-risk patients identified in our risk stratification process (e.g., hypertension, diabetes and cancer patients). These services are intended to encourage behavioral modification and are supported by clinical psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists and physician specialists.

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