Care Coordination

Deliver collaborative, data-driven care

NantHealth’s care coordination applications enable point-of-care connectivity, engagement, coordination of care across the healthcare ecosystem.  Leveraging the integration capabilities of NantOS™, these applications bring together once-siloed data sources to provide real-time, actionable information for clinicians. These applications include:

Provider Portal

On average, physicians must access five different applications to get the whole patient picture, eating up valuable clinician time and potentially allowing important clinical information to fall through the cracks. Provider Portal gives physicians a unified view of critical patient data across the enterprise, across the continuum, across the episode of care—despite disparate systems and varying locations. By aggregating data from various sources and existing system investments (demographics, radiology exams, dictated reports, lab results, vitals, allergies, medications, problem lists and orders) into a single web view, physicians can quickly access just the information they need, when they need it, to make informed care decisions.

Care Coordination Suite

NantHealth’s Care Coordination suite helps clinicians manage patient care across multiple care settings. This highly-configurable solution supports a variety of care coordination scenarios including transition planning, post-discharge care coordination and follow up, urgent care triage and diversion, wellness programs, community care coordination, and chronic condition management.

With NantHealth’s Care Coordination solution, employers, health plans, clinics, schools, health systems can assist persons with understanding and managing their disease process and instituting positive lifestyle changes. Care plans and resources are personalized to help meet the needs of each participant regardless of their health status when joining the program. Care coordinators, such as nurse navigators, health coaches and case managers, can guide individuals in setting realistic goals and assist in accomplishing these goals using educational material, one-on-one interviews, interventions, and quizzes. Care coordinators can also receive data via a variety of home health devices and review it with the participant to note trends and goal attainment.

Referral Management

Referral Management transforms the tedious, paper-shuffling referral process into a streamlined workflow to manage the entire lifecycle of the referral—creation, scheduling, management, procedures, and results documentation.  With a 360-degree view and near real-time care information, every clinician can stay informed of the patient’s progress across the continuum of care.

Referral Management:

  • Identifies network leakage
  • Maximizes service line utilization
  • Facilitates physician collaboration
  • Increases referral volume

Referral Management empowers health systems to optimize the referral process, reducing operating costs associated with paper-based processes and unnecessary phone calls, and enabling coordinating care through timely exchange of clinical information.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging enables secure care team collaboration through existing electronic communication protocols such as text, e-mail, and Direct messaging. Replacing phone, fax, and mail, this solution connects care team members regardless of their other technology investments. Providers are no longer limited to communicating within the confines of their EHR or through slow and primitive forms of insecure communication.

By improving collaboration among clinicians on the care team, Secure Messaging enables informed clinical decision-making and timely treatment. In addition, this solution supports secure sharing of protected patient information – including clinical attachments, images, and patient health records – saving time and boosting efficiency.

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