CLINICS™: Integrated and Adaptive Learning System for Healthcare

Our unique systems-based approach to the science and delivery of precision care is powered by our integrated and adaptive Systems Infrastructure, Knowledge Platform, Provider Platform and Payor Platform, which we refer to collectively as CLINICS™.

Systems Infrastructure

Systems Infrastructure includes the software, middleware, and hardware modules that organize and integrate the data streams that form the foundation of our adaptive learning system. Our Systems Infrastructure, which is built on a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud environment, features:

  • Access to next-generation, genomic and proteomic sequencing technologies with near real-time bioinformatics; access to a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud environment
  • An open architecture, service-oriented platform enabling the integration and interoperability of disparate electronic medical records through 250 clinical, financial, and operational systems connectors and 300 infrastructure and healthcare services
  • Device connectivity in more than 350 hospitals and roughly 30,000 unique medical devices, which collect tens of billions of vital signs annually

Knowledge Platform

Our Knowledge Platform is a comprehensive set of advanced diagnostics and decision support solutions to enable our clients to improve decision-making and determine the right treatment before treatment begins. Our molecular test, GPS Cancer™, is the only comprehensive and commercially available clinical cancer platform integrating whole genome (DNA) sequencing – comparing both a patient’s normal and tumor tissue, whole transcriptome (RNA) sequencing, and quantitative proteomics to generate actionable information into to a clinical report for oncologists. Our decision support platform (eviti) gives providers access to nearly 13,000 active clinical trials updated weekly and over 2,500 evidence-based treatment regimens for cancer care. Today, over 75% of all oncology practices nationwide have used eviti.

Provider Platform

Our provider software solutions, built on NantOS™, leverages the data available on our Systems Infrastructure to enable patient-centered engagement and coordination across care locations. Our web-based and mobile apps include patient, provider and collaboration portals for advanced care coordination. This includes vitals connectivity, clinical and administrative workflows, eligibility and benefits, claims, referral and readmissions management solutions, secure messaging and analytical applications to measure outcomes and costs. Our flexible applications analyze and interpret patient- and provider-specific information and deliver critical clinical and administrative insights. Today, our provider platform solutions are used by hundreds of health systems and provider offices globally.

Payor Platform

Our payor apps enable practice managers and caregivers to facilitate payment for value. Our payor-provider collaboration platform, NaviNet Open, offers provider end-users a uniform set of workflows and services across many payors with whom they routinely collaborate. This includes eligibility and benefits, claims submission, referrals, and authorizations. Our payor apps also identify high-risk patient populations, implement advanced diagnostics and real-time biometric patient monitoring solutions to identify opportunities for precision medicine and preventive interventions, and enable provider and payor engagement in integrated and coordinated value-based models. Today, we have over 70 health plans as clients representing over 70 million covered lives and growing.

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