Patient Engagement

Improve patient engagement, satisfaction and compliance

NantHealth’s patient engagement applications inform the patient, patient advocate and caregivers to improve engagement, satisfaction and compliance and encourage active participation in the management of their own health, or self care. These applications include:

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal enables providers to incorporate the patient as a full member of the care team, which can result in improved patient engagement, satisfaction and compliance.
Patient Portal gives patients secure and convenient web-based and mobile access to their provider office and stored health information.  This enables patients to become a full member of their care team with integrated tools to reinforce good health behavior, manage chronic diseases, schedule appointments, and more. For patients, Patient Portal:

  • Reinforces good health behavior and self-education on personal care
  • Provides easy access to test results
  • Streamlines appointment scheduling workflows
  • Offers secure communication with physicians

Patient Portal also provides the automation and access to the information clinicians need to:

  • Reduce administrative overhead by minimizing or eliminating paper-based processes including health/visit reminders, visit preparation, results reporting and billing
  • Increase curative physician/patient interaction through e-visits and secure messaging
  • Improve care by informing care decisions with personalized clinical content and care plans

Health Heritage

Health Heritage is a patient-facing web-based application designed to empower users to collect, maintain and share their detailed personal and family medical histories. This information is used to identify individuals at risk for seven common cancers and their related hereditary cancer syndromes. The application also provides evidence-based recommendations for users to discuss with their providers, based on industry guidelines and other evidence-based literature. Health Heritage risk reports and data may be shared directly with primary care providers, genetic counselors, specialists, and payors to provide decision support, enhance workflows, and personalize care.

GPS Cancer Connect

GPS Cancer Connect is a digital companion that connects patients to personalized & validated knowledge, available treatments, clinical trials, family members, other cancer patients, and to care providers. Accessible through an iPhone app, GPS Cancer Connect empowers patients, their family, and friends with certified, updated and user-friendly information to allow for identification of evidence-based treatment options specific to their diagnosis, as well as provides clinical trial opportunities based on diagnosis and location of cancer patients. In addition, the application connects patients with family and friends seamlessly and enables sharing of learning and best practices within the great cancer care community.


GPS Cancer Connect
GPS Cancer Connect

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