NaviNet® Open: Rich Payer-Provider Collaboration

Experience the power of the network effect

NaviNet® Open is the industry’s leading payer-provider collaboration platform. Sponsored by health plans and free to providers, NaviNet Open enables health plans to drive deeper collaboration with their provider networks. Built on a highly scalable and robust cloud-based infrastructure, NaviNet Open combines critical application and services capabilities.

Open Foundation

  • Enterprise-grade security, identity and access management, reporting, alerts, and messaging capabilities enable seamless communication between providers and health plans
  • Event-based architecture allows NaviNet to “listen” across network events and provide real-time actionable data and clinical insights to providers

Multi-Payer Portal Applications


The user-friendly, multi-payer portal enables the real-time delivery of vital clinical and administrative intelligence to providers so they can quickly and easily communicate across multiple health plans. The multi-payer portal applications are configurable and help to improve health plan efficiency and provider productivity. Applications include:

  • Eligibility and Benefits
  • Claim Status Inquiry
  • Claims Management
  • Referrals and Authorizations
  • Provider Data Management

Value-Based Network Applications

Value-Based Network Apps

These clinically-oriented applications enable health plans and providers to align and transition to value-based care. Value-based applications include:

  • Document Exchange
  • Advanced Referrals

Increase operational efficiency and savings, improve value-based outcomes and boost provider productivity with NaviNet Open.

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