Device Connectivity

NantHealth’s device connectivity applications and devices enable capture of patient data both in- and out-of-hospital, providing easy, accurate, and complete documentation, and allowing clinicians to spend less time entering data into the electronic health record (EHR) and more time caring for patients. Device Connectivity applications include:


Integrate medical device data into your EMR quickly and accurately

DeviceConX® is a software solution that captures patient data from medical devices, and delivers that data to an EHR, CIS, or other data repository—quickly and accurately. Developed in accordance with the FDA’s quality system regulation, DeviceConX allows clinicians to spend less time entering data into the EHR and more time caring for patients.

DeviceConX offers the flexibility necessary for efficiently deploying connectivity in varied care settings. By leveraging a combination of existing hardware investments—bedside PCs, laptops, tablets and workstations-on-wheels—as well as HBox hardware, you have multiple options for bringing new and legacy devices online without having to rip-and-replace hardware.


Streamline patient rounding with automated vital signs collection

The workflow for collecting inpatient vital signs is time-consuming and inefficient. Often, patients’ vital signs are written on clipboards, notepads, scraps of paper, even the back of the clinician’s hands, so the risk of losing the patient data is high, and rounding data may not make its way to the EMR until hours later – or at all – resulting in poor care coordination and duplication of work.

VitalsConX™ is a flexible, intuitive rounding solution that automates the entire vitals collection workflow. Designed with a simple, tablet-optimized interface, VitalsConX allows for clinical validation of vital signs data at the point of care, making rounding faster and easier. DeviceConX then sends the data to the EMR, where it can be immediately available for key patient-care stakeholders.


HBox® is a small, durable, medical-grade gateway that hosts DeviceConX software. HBox can extend connectivity to locations where there may not already be a PC, workstationHBox on wheels, or equivalent and supports device connectivity across healthcare settings, from high-acuity hospital environments to outpatient clinics and from doctors’ offices to in-home health applications.

HBox supports connection to applicable devices via Bluetooth or USB. Standalone devices can connect to HBox via the Device Escort serial-to-USB converter cable or can connect

Vitality® Glowcap®

Vitality® Glowcap® is a medication adherence system that tracks, reminds and alerts patients to reinforce them to take their prescribed medication. The system is comprised of a smart cap and medication bottle, DeviceConX Mobile Application, and the Vitality Medication Adherence Portal. Key features include:

  • Automatic, visual and audible alerts are emitted during scheduled dosage windows, cuing individuals that it is time to take their medications
  • GlowCap Preferences allow users to set up their own individualized preferences. GlowCap may notify the user via phone call, text message, or e-mail when a scheduled dosage is missed.  Buddy reminders allow the user to designate friends and family to receive a text message or e-mail if this occurs
  • Weekly progress reports detailing an individual’s adherence to medication are sent via e-mail to the individual, their clinicians, and trusted family and friends

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