NANTOMICS Genomic Analysis

From DNA to RNA to proteins to cancer drug

Patrick Soon-Shiong explains his strategy for finding the right drugs to treat individual cancers. He was interviewed by Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, senior deputy director of UCSD Moores Cancer Center.

Biotech billionaire’s plan to beat cancer

Meet Patrick Soon-Shiong, the LA billionaire reinventing your health care

02-05-14, by Bradley J. Fikes, U-T San Diego

It’s hard to think of a quest more audacious than taming cancer, which has resisted the efforts of medicine for thousands of years. Far older than humanity, cancer has been […]

NANTOMICS Unveiled at J.P. Morgan 32nd Annual Healthcare Conference

NANTOMICS Unveiled at J.P. Morgan 32nd Annual Healthcare Conference
With a vision towards the next generation comprehensive genomic and proteomic diagnostic tool for personalized medicine

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong launches NANTOMICS

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong will present […]

Billionaire Researcher On A Quest To Kill Cancer

The Orange County Register - by Meg Tirrell – Bloomberg News – Jan 31, 2013

On his quest to kill Cancer, L.A.’s wealthiest resident forms a new company aimed at changing the method by which the often deadly disease is attacked by medicine.

Patrick Soon-Shiong, the physician who founded and sold two drug companies to become Los […]